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A Critical Look at Globular Cluster Formation Theories

While the existence of stellar clusters has been known since antiquity (i.e. the Pleiades) they continue to provide surprises. Once thought to be the quintessential simple stellar populations (i.e. all stars having the same age and chemical composition), the ancient globular clusters (GCs) in the halo/bulge of our Galaxy are now known to host a number of anomalies. Continua a leggere A Critical Look at Globular Cluster Formation Theories

The dance of stars

The study of dense stellar systems has constantly been an active area of research since half a century. Such systems, which mainly refer to young massive star clusters, globular clusters and dwarf galaxies, play the role of building blocks of the structures in the Universe. This is why it is crucial to understand them. Dense systems of stars present enough challenges to basically all schools in astronomy and in all wavelengths. Young systems challenge an optical/infrared observer to extract the stellar ingredient, their motions and distributions by overcoming the dense crowding of stars. Older systems puzzle one with large over-populations of exotic objects of a wide variety – millisecond radio pulsars, “blue-straggler” stars and X-ray binaries. Continua a leggere The dance of stars