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The X-ray Universe

The XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre is organising a major astrophysical symposium from Monday 16th to Thursday 19th of June 2014 in Dublin, Ireland. The symposium is the fourth international meeting in the series “The X-ray Universe”. The intention is to gather a general collection of research in high energy astrophysics. The symposium will provide a showcase for results, discoveries and expectations from current and future X-ray missions. Continua a leggere The X-ray Universe


The restless nature of AGNs

bh_artistIt is widely accepted that variability provides important information on the nature of the emission mechanisms and the geometry of the central source in Active Galactic Nuclei. This is an exciting time in the field of AGN variability, due to the wealth of new results produced in the last few years. This conference intends to focus on radio-quiet sources, discussing our current understanding of the central source variability across the IR, optical, and UV regimes up to hard X-rays, and the clues that variability provides about the physics and structure of the AGN phenomena. The contributions are intended to address the problem of AGN variability both from the observational and theoretical point of view, on short and long time scales, presenting results and expectations from wide-field/deep surveys, pointed observations, ground-based and space observatories.


•X-ray flux and spectral variability

•Outflows and SED variability

•The UV-X ray connection

•Variability on the optical band: reverberation, the continuum and the full sky surveys

•AGN variability analysis methods

•Variability in MHD simulations of accretion flows

SnowCluster 2013: Physics of Galaxy Clusters

Clusters of galaxies have long been recognized as sensitive cosmological probes. To realize their full constraining potential for “precision cosmology,” it is essential to address the outstanding questions on cluster physics. The aim of this workshop is to bring together observers in the X-ray and SZ fields, people working on gravitational lensing mass measurements and non-thermal phenomena in the radio and gamma-ray bands, and theorists developing numerical simulations and working on plasma processes. The focus will be on recent progress in our understanding of the cluster physics and how the various uncertainties and nontrivial processes in the ICM may affect cosmological tests. Apart from the old workhorses such as Chandra, XMM-Newton, Suzaku, Fermi, SWIFT, GMRT, VLA and the ground-based SZ telescopes, we will discuss new results from Herschel, Planck, NuStar, and LOFAR. On a theoretical side, simulations with various microphysical properties of the ICM and the inclusion of various macroscopic effects will be discussed, as well as predictions for Astro-H.

Topics to be covered:

  • SZ observations: individual clusters, samples
  • X-ray masses & their uncertainties
  • Gravitational lensing masses
  • Mass scaling relations
  • Nuisance parameters for precision cosmology
  • Observations & simulations of mergers, shocks & cold fronts
  • ICM turbulence: simulations, current constraints
  • Cluster outskirts
  • Cold gas & star formation in cool cores
  • AGN-ICM interaction
  • Relativistic matter in clusters: theory & observations
  • Transport processes in the ICM

More info: SnowCLUSTER 2013