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High-Resolution Optical Spectroscopy

The scope of this meeting is to bring together the astronomical community that builds and uses high-resolution spectrographs. High spectral resolution is essential to quantify and to constrain the many micro- and macro-scale processes in cosmic plasma. In particular we will emphasize the coupling between predictive numerical simulations and quantitative spectroscopic observations. We organize this meeting in the framework of the series of “Potsdam ThinkShops” as meeting number 10. The venue will be held at the Telegrafenberg science campus of the AIP in Potsdam in May 2013 and will be open for an international professional auditorium as well as students.

Topics covered:

  • New instruments on the block
  • Methods and highlights
  • Results on normal stars, low-mass stars, binaries, and exoplanets
  • Results on massive stars, ISM, IGM, and quasars