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Joint WISH + First galaxies International Workshop

WISH (Wide-field Infrared Surveyor for High-redshift) is a space science mission concept whose primary goal is to study the first galaxies in the early universe. WISH will be a Japan-led 1.5m telescope equipped with a 900 arcmin2 wide-field, Near-IR, 0.2-0.5arcsec FWHM, camera that would fly by ~2020 in order to conduct unique ultra-deep and wide-area sky surveys in the wavelength range 1-5 micron. A spectroscopic parallel-mode spectrograph (WISHSpec, Integral-Field Unit) in the same Near-IR range is also planned and would be studied in France under the responsibility of LAM. Although the instrument design is still open, with the parallel mode, we could envisage very deep exposure times in spectroscopy over (relatively) wide areas. Continua a leggere Joint WISH + First galaxies International Workshop