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Dynamics of Disk Galaxies

Disk galaxies exhibit a variety of structures on various scales. On large scales, global spiral patters wind out from the central parts to almost the outer edge of an optical disk. Often, the inner ends of spiral arms are connected to a bar that extends to both sides of the nucleus. On small scales, interarm spurs, feathers, arm branchings and segments are in close geometrical association with spiral arms, while inner rings, dust-lane shocks, nuclear rings, and nuclear spirals are associated with bars. While a significant progress has been made over past sixty years in our understanding of these structures, there still remain many unsolved issues regarding the patterns in disks and other related processes, which are important to understand disk dynamics.

The main topics of the workshop to be addressed are:

– structures of disks, bulges, and bars
– formation and maintenance of patterns
– secular evolution of galaxies driven by bars/spiral arms
– substructure formation of bars/spiral arms
– dynamical modeling
– pattern speeds and pitch angle determinations
– gaseous component
– the Milky Way Galaxy