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Disc dynamics and planet formation

The connection between star formation, protostellar discs and planetary systems is unquestionable  but the path from stars to planets is highly uncertain. Recent discoveries with space-borne telescopes (Spitzer, CoRoT, Kepler) and ground-based facilities (VLT, Gemini, ALMA) have given new impetus to the search for exoplanetary systems and for the properties of their maternal discs. Continua a leggere Disc dynamics and planet formation


Planet Formation and Evolution 2014

The goal of this workshop is to provide a common platform for scientists working in the fields of star- and planet formation, exo-planets, astrobiology, and planetary research in general. Most importantly, this workshop is aimed at stimulating and intensifying the dialogue between researchers using various approaches, observations, theory, and laboratory studies.  Continua a leggere Planet Formation and Evolution 2014

Ice and Planet Formation

extrasolar_planetsThis workshop in Lund focuses on ice(s) and planet formation. Astrophysical ice has become an increasingly popular topic in the past years, inspired and driven by new observations of ices and vapour in molecular clouds and protoplanetary discs, models of dust coagulation and planet formation where ice plays an important role and current and upcoming laboratory experiments on ice collisions and ice deposition. The goal of the workshop is to bring together observers, experimentalists and theorists to discuss the present state-of-the-art of the field as well as future directions. The workshop will consist of contributed talks and posters, with ample time for discussion during extended breaks and poster sessions. The Ice and Planet Formation workshop will be held 15 – 17 May 2013 at Lund Observatory in Lund in Sweden. The workshop will start after lunch on Wednesday 15 May and end after lunch on Friday 17 May.

From Stars to Life

From Stars to Life – Connecting our understanding of star formation, planet formation, astrochemistry and astrobiology. Science topics: Star Formation (including isolated and clustered star formation), Circumstellar Disks, Planet Formation, Exoplanets (including search and characterization), Solar System constraints, Astrochemistry, Prebiotic Chemistry. We would like to understand the physical and chemical processes that lead to habitable planet formation, starting from the simplest interstellar medium initial conditions of pre-stellar cores, through star formation, accretion & protoplanetary disk evolution, and planet & planetary system formation & evolution. We will discuss theoretical, observational and laboratory constraints on these processes. The conference aims to foster inter and multidisciplinary collaboration between researchers interested in these topics.

1st Doha International Astronomy Conference: “Gravitational Microlensing – 101 years from theory to practice”

1st Doha International Astronomy Conference: “Gravitational Microlensing – 101 years from theory to practice” – 2013 marks the 101st anniversary of Einstein’s notebook entry in which he first discussed the transient brightening of an observed distant star caused by the bending of light due to the gravitational field of an intervening foreground star – a phenomenon now commonly known as ‘gravitational microlensing’. Continua a leggere 1st Doha International Astronomy Conference: “Gravitational Microlensing – 101 years from theory to practice”