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5° Gaia Science Alerts Workshop 2014

Gaia is the cornerstone mission of the European Space Agency, successfully launched in December 2013. Its main goal is to map the entire Galaxy, but thanks to repetitive observations of the entire sky it also acts as a unique time-domain space survey, suitable for real-time detections of transients. In recent years the astronomy of transient phenomena has became a very vivid area of research. Gaia will join numerous current large-scale surveys like PTF, PANSTARRS, CRTS, SkyMapper, OGLE, LOFAR, which are aiming at delivering transient objects corresponding to a wide range of astrophysical phenomena, from solar system objects, through new types of stellar variability and signatures of exoplanets, to supernovae and orphan Gamma Ray Bursts. However, without prompt and appropriate follow-up observations, much of the scientific potential of these new discoveries will be lost. It becomes crucial for transient astronomy that the new phenomena are rapidly observed with small and medium size telescopes and the data are analysed quickly to share the knowledge. Continua a leggere 5° Gaia Science Alerts Workshop 2014

18° International meeting on Gravitational Microlensing

LCOGT is pleased to welcome the worldwide microlensing community to beautiful Santa Barbara, California for the 18th Annual International Conference. Please browse our website for details on the week’s scientific and social events.

Topics will include: 

  • Microlensing Discoveries
  • Microlensing Results in the Wider Context 

including planet frequency, free-floating planets, implications for planetary
formation/evolution, galactic structure and stellar mass function.

  • Observing Microlensing Phenomenon

including the status & developments of ground-based survey and follow-up teams,
strategies, instrumentation, space-based missions and future opportunities.

  • Lensing Theory, Modeling and Computation