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Hot Topics in General Relativity and Gravitation

In this centennial anniversary of General Relativity, we will hold a conference on Hot Topics in General Relativity and Gravitation with the motivation to emphasize the tremendous progresses that have been made in Astrophysics and in Cosmology since Einstein’s discovery of General Relativity (GR) in 1915. This international conference will be held at ICISE as part of the Rencontres du Vietnam. Continua a leggere Hot Topics in General Relativity and Gravitation


Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts 2013

The workshop will last 5 weeks in total, including two one-week conferences on SNe and GRBs respectively. More than 100 people are expected to participate in each conference (capacity of the conference hall at YITP is 120 people maximally). The remaining 3 weeks are spent for workshops where participants can hear seminars in the morning and enjoy free discussions in the afternoon. The capacity of the visitor facilities at YITP during the 3-week workshop is 50 maximally. The main scopes of the 3-week workshop are Nuclear Physics in CC-SNe and GRBs (Oct. 14-18), CC-SNe (Oct. 21-25), and GRBs (Nov. 4-8). Participants can choose their favorite dates to stay in Kyoto during the workshop. We can offer some financial support, although the budget is limited. We will also arrange a textbox on the financial support in the registration form (registration form will open in April 2013).


  • Explosion Mechanism of Core-Collapse Supernovae
  • Equation of State for High-Density Matter
  • Structure of Neutron Stars as Remnants of CC-SNe
  • Collapsars and Magnetars as Central Engine of Long Gamma-Ray Bursts
  • Merging Compact Binaries as Central Engine of Short Gamma-Ray Bursts
  • Neutrinos and Gravitational Waves as Signals of Death of Massive Stars
  • Progenitors of CC-SNe and GRBs
  • Multi-Wavelength Observations of SNe, GRBs, and their Remnants
  • Plasma Physics, Particle Acceleration, and Radiation Process in Shocks of SNe, GRBs, and their Remnants
  • UHECRs and VHE-Neutrinos & Gamma-Rays from GRBs
  • Explosive Nucleosynthesis in SNe and GRBs

MICRA 2013

The MICRA workshop will bring together researchers in nuclear and neutrino physics, nuclear astrophyiscs, and in numerical modeling of relativistic astrophysical phenomena such as the mergers of neutron stars and core-collapse supernovae.

The overarching goal of the MICRA workshop is to improve the treatment of microscopic physics (neutrino-matter interactions, equations of state, thermonuclear reaction rates) in astrophysical simulations to improve their reliability and predictive power. Multi-messenger signal predictions from simulations will be crucial to interpret observations by the international network of advanced gravitational-wave detectors (to come online around 2015), by current and future neutrino detectors, and by classical astronomical observatories and high-energy satellite missions.