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The biggest accelerators in Space and on Earth – COST/CERN conference

This Workshop is jointly organized by the COST programme on “Black Holes in a Violent Universe”, the CERN TH group and the LPCC. The focus of the workshop are the phenomena taking place at the highest-energies available in the cosmos and in the laboratory, spanning the whole range from the most luminous events in space (extragalactic jets from active black holes, gamma ray bursts, cosmic rays, etc) to the exploration, theoretical and at the LHC, of new particles and quantum gravity phenomena (searches for black holes, extra dimensions, dark matter; theoretical understanding of the information properties of black holes, gravitational scattering at high energy, properties of the event horizon, etc.). The goal of the meeting is to bring together experts from the two communities of astrophysics and particle physics, and share with each other the latest developments and open issues in their respective field.

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