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Accurate astrophysics, correct cosmology

Progress in cosmology increasingly requires a strong quantitative handle on astrophysical contaminants. Equally, many astrophysically interesting processes can be constrained from cosmological survey data. This meeting will bring together experts in a range of fields to take a critical look at the relationship between accurate astrophysics and correct cosmology.


Cosmology and the Epoch of Reionization

During the past decades, significant efforts have been made to investigate the physics in the late time Universe and during the Epoch of Reionization. Theoretical studies, advanced numerical models and observations have led to great insights into the astrophysics as well as the Cosmology present from redshift zero all the way up to redshifts of order 15. However, they also generated a plethora of interesting but thus far unanswered questions. Continua a leggere Cosmology and the Epoch of Reionization