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Timing compact objects in the multi-messenger era

The transient and variable Universe is a growing field in modern astrophysics, and it is starting to focus major, multi-messenger observing efforts. Because of their small physical size, variability at the fastest time scales is associated with compact stellar remnants (black holes, neutron stars, and white dwarfs). These compact objects exhibit variations down to the sub-second regime, which are found to be tightly related to their relevant physical processes and emission mechanisms. Continua a leggere Timing compact objects in the multi-messenger era

The many faces of compact stars

In this school, we want to give a broad overview of all the possible manifestations of compact objects in different astrophysical scenarios. For this purpose, a large list of topics will be addressed during the meeting by renowned international experts: accretion theory, binaries, neutron stars thermal emission, equation of states, microquasar jets, neutron star cooling, radio-pulsars, magnetospheres, compact stars as gravitational wave sources, GRBs, Supernovae and their environments, etc…

The Structure and Signals of Neutron Stars, from Birth to Death

This conference aims at bringing together people working in astrophysics of neutron stars, both on the theoretical and observational aspects. The following topics will be discussed : – Equation of state of dense matter, including hyperon, kaon and quark degrees of freedom – Neutrino emission and cooling of compact stars – Superconductivity-superfluidity – Constraints from EM observations – Transients – Gravitational wave emission – Models for Supernovae and for Gamma Ray Bursts – Magnetars.