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Cosmology on Safari

The past decade has seen a significant growth in cosmological observations that have placed increasingly tighter constraints on the cosmological model and the basic parameters that describe it. While we have an excellent phenomenological model a more fundamental picture is largely missing, considering both the very earliest times where high-energy processes are relevant and in the late-time universe, where we are in the curious position of living in a universe that is 95% dark. Continua a leggere Cosmology on Safari


Ripples in the Cosmos

An international cosmology conference entitled “Ripples in the Cosmos” will be held at Durham University, England, on 22-26 July 2013. The agenda includes Baryon Acoustic Oscillations (BAO) and other cosmological probes from ground-based redshift surveys such as BOSS and WiggleZ. We shall also be reviewing results from the Planck satellite, as well as the latest results from the LHC. The intent is to make a broad review of the crucial issues in cosmology from the identity of dark matter to the nature of dark energy by coupling the very latest results from astronomy and particle physics.