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SCIENCE OPERATIONS 2013 “Working Together in Support of Science”

The European Space Astronomy Centre, (ESAC) in collaboration with the European Southern Observatory (ESO), have the pleasure of announcing the science operations conference SCIOPS 2013.

The objective of SCIOPS 2013 is to present and discuss the various approaches to science operations in spacecraft missions and ground-based facilities for Astronomy and Solar System Science.

Thereby, we intend to:

  • Compare and improve our processes and approaches

  • Foster innovations

  • Enable a more efficient use of our resources

  • Establish and intensify collaborations

via a focus on:

  • Community support and services

  • Science and instrument planning

  • Instrument handling and calibration

  • Science data processing

  • Science data archiving and product generation

  • Science operations organisation and management

…throughout all project phases from initial concepts to legacy products.

European Astronomical Data Center Forum 2013

The CoSADIE project is organising the European Data Centre Forum at the Zentrum für Astronomie der Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany. Technologies and software developed within the Virtual Observatory (VO) can help data center operators in many ways — from reusing server-side software to providing ready-made client software for their users’ desktops, from help in properly and interoperably describing their data holdings to discoverability of their offerings in the central registry. The CoSADIE data center forum will bring together VO engineers and data providers to foster an interchange of ideas and requirements. Data providers are cordially invited to give talks on their perspective, while VO staff will introduce key technologies and software to make data publishing in astronomy easier, more effective, more sustainable and more user-friendly.