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Anisotropic Universe: from microwaves to ultrahigh energies

The study of anisotropies connects and unravels fundamental issues in various fields of astrophysics and cosmology. With the recent experimental progress, it is now possible to analyze, understand, and cross-correlate the anisotropic skies observed by Planck, 2MASS Redshift Survey, ChandraFermi, AMS-2, HAWC, IceCube, and Auger, – to cite but a few major instruments that scrutinize the Universe from microwaves to ultrahigh energies, in photons, cosmic rays, and neutrinos. Anisotropic features can reveal key information on the structure and the nature of the components of the Universe, and provide hints on the origin of high energy emission.

Instead of focusing on one particular field, we are planning for an interdisciplinary workshop on anisotropies and fluctuations in astrophysics and cosmology. Gathering researchers from various backgrounds, we aim at putting together our tools and our knowledge on anisotropies and fluctuations. Various methods and theories have been developed in parallel but their use has often been restricted to one particular area.

In particular, during the meeting we will be sharing our experience on

1) theoretical predictions of anisotropy signatures, for given configurations of source populations and of the whole Universe,
2) anisotropy analysis and measurement techniques,
3) cross-correlation of data from various wavelengths and messengers, fluctuations in time.