Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies

The 13th international symposium on Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies (OMEG2015) will be held in Beijing, China on June 24-27, 2015. This symposium is the 13th of such series, started 1988, to exchange the progress of nuclear astrophysics and related fields. As demonstrated in previous ones, this symposium series provide good opportunity to attract researchers in fields of nuclear physics, astrophysics, and more.

Topics will include: Big Bang Cosmology and Primordial Nucleosynthesis, First Generation Stars and Galactic Chemical Evolution, Astronomical Observations with Light, X-Ray, Gamma-Ray, and Cosmic-Ray, Stellar Evolutions and Hydrostatic Burning Processes, Experimental Nuclear Physics for Astrophysics, Theoretical Nuclear Physics for Astrophysics, Explosive Stellar Objects and Nuclear Physics, Meteorite Analysis and Isotopic Abundance, Neutron Star and High Density Matter, Nuclear Data for Astrophysics and Related Topics, Nuclear Physics in r-process, Exotic nuclear matter in neutron stars, Underground nuclear astrophysics.