Symmetries and Phases in the Universe

Cosmology is a broad interdisciplinary research discipline involving different fields of physics. The main goal of the Excellence Cluster Universe is to face the fundamental challenges of modern cosmology by bridging the gap between the astrophysics and the particle/nuclear physics communities.

Therefore, the Excellence Cluster Universe organizes the symposium “Symmetries and Phases in the Universe” which is held in the beautiful scenery at Kloster Irsee ( The Symposium, a sequel of “Irsee 2008” and “Irsee 2012”, will present international top-level experts providing insights into the current status in their respective fields. Selected researchers will join the meeting for interdisciplinary discussions.

The symposium covers these sessions:
  • Star formation & stellar evolution
  • High-energy Universe
  • Dark matter & dark energy
  • Symmetry violations & flavour physics
  • Gravitation, inflation & strings
  • High-energy collider physics