First stars, galaxies, and black holes: now and then

Understanding the nature of the first cosmic sources is one of the key questions of Cosmology and Galaxy Formation. During the last years Cosmic Archaeology has opened the possibility to indirectly study these distant sources by catching their living fossils in the Local Universe. The aim of this conference is to discuss what we learnt (and what we can learn more) about the properties of the first stars, galaxies, and black holes by combining state-of-the-art numerical simulations, deep observations of high redshift sources, and the latest results from Cosmic Archaeology.

Topics covered during the conference:

First Stars: Now and Then

  • Physics of formation and final outcomes
  • First explosions and primordial enrichment
  • The first low-mass stars: formation and key properties
  • Chemical signature of first stars in the Local Universe

First Galaxies: Now and Then

  • High-redshift galaxies: observations and theory
  • First galaxies and reionization
  • Damped Lyman Alpha absorption systems
  • Star-formation histories of Local Group dwarf galaxies

First Black Holes: Now and Then

  • Formation and growth of super-massive black hole seeds
  • Cosmic Infrared background and first black holes
  • High-redshift super-massive black hole searches
  • Super-massive black-hole seeds in nearby dwarf galaxies