Warm Dark Matter Cosmology in agreement with observations

Warm Dark Matter (WDM) is hot topic in galaxies cosmology and implies novelties in the astrophysical, cosmological particle and nuclear physics context. Warm Dark Matter Cosmology (LWDM) gives the same successfull large scale results and CMB results than Cold Dark Matter (LCDM) and succesfully agrees with the observations at the galactic and small scales. 

A Turning Point operated recently in the Dark Matter research: Warm Dark Matter (WDM) emerged impressively over Cold Dark Matter (CDM) as the leading Dark Matter candidate. WDM solves naturally the problems of CDM and CDM + baryons. LWDM provides the same large scale and CMB results than LCDM and agrees with the observations at the galactic and small scales. Warm Dark Matter (WDM) implies progresses in the astrophysical, cosmological, particle and nuclear physics context.

This workshop addresses the last developments in WDM, including its distribution function and equation of state, the quantum mechanical framework to galaxy structure reproducing in particular the observed galaxy cores and their sizes and the dwarf galaxies. This workshop puts together astrophysical, cosmological, particle and nuclear WDM, astronomical observations, theory and WDM analytical and numerical frameworks which reproduce the observations. The Workshop addresses as well the theorical and experimental search for the leading WDM particle candidate: keV sterile neutrinos.

Topics to be discussed during the workshop:

  • Astrophysical and cosmological observational signatures of Warm Dark Matter, steriles neutrinos and their experimental search.
  • Kinetic theory and the recent progress in solving the Boltzmann-Vlasov equation to obtain the observed universal properties of galaxies.
  • Warm (keV scale) dark matter N-body simulations in agreement with observations at large and intermediate scales.
  • The phase-space density of dark matter.
  • Particle model independent analysis of astrophysical dark matter.
  • The impact of the mass of the dark matter particle on the small scale structure formation and the choice of the initial conditions.
  • The radial profiles and the Dark Matter distribution. Observed galactic cored DM profiles.
  • The keV scale Dark Matter (Warm Dark Matter): Observational and theoretical progresses.
  • Large and small scale structure formation in agreement with observations at small galactic and at large scales.
  • The serious dark matter candidate: Sterile neutrinos at the keV scale.
  • Active and sterile neutrinos mass bounds from cosmological data and from astrophysical and X ray data and from high precision beta decay experiments.
  • News on neutrinos and eV scale sterile neutrinos. News from reactor and accelerator experiments on neutrinos and their science implications.
  • The Thomas Fermi framework to describe the structure and physical states of galaxies in agreement with observations.
  • The DM distribution function and the equation of state of galaxies. Universal and non universal profiles. Cored density profiles with WDM core sizes in agreement with observations.
  • Supermassive Black Holes : Theory and Observations. The clarifying and unifying WDM framework for stars, galaxies and cosmology.