Black Hole Accretion and AGN Feedback

Both black hole accretion and galaxy formation and evolution are important research topics in astrophysics. They focus on quite different scales and both have been intensively studied.

While the fueling of black hole is controlled by the host galaxy, there is considerable observational evidence in recent years that output from the accretion onto the black hole located in the galactic center plays an important role in controlling the evolution of galaxies. This is called “AGN feedback”. How this mechanism works, however, still remains poorly understood. The theme of this conference is to bring experts in both the black hole accretion and galaxy formation/evolution communities, to share our expertise, so as to improve our understanding to the physics of AGN feedback.

Topics to be discussed during the meeting:

1) Theory of black hole accretion and radiation; angular momentum transfer in various scales

2) Theory of jet and wind production; their energy, mass and momentum fluxes

3) Observations of winds, jets from black holes in AGN and X-ray binaries

4) Interactions between black hole outflows and the ISM: Observation and theory

5) Galaxy evolution and central black hole feedback; interactions and relations