Variable Galactic Gamma-ray Sources

The workshop on “Variable Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources” follows the ones previously organized in Heidelberg and Barcelona (in 2010 and 2013, respectively).

As in previous editions, the workshop intends to gather people working in the field to discuss the current challenges that data and modelling are providing. This time the workshop will be hosted by the Max-Planck-Institut for Nuclear Physics (MPIK) in Heidelberg on May 4-6 2015 . The format of the meeting will be modest in size, quite informal, and very much discussion oriented. No proceedings will be published after the Workshop.

The meeting will consist of a number of review talks focusing on the latest observational/theoretical achievements related to variable gamma-ray emission from Galactic systems, followed by daily discussion sections on

  • Phenomenology of gamma-ray emitting binaries
  • Broad-band modeling of variable gamma-ray sources
  • Magneto-hydrodynamical simulations of compact Galactic sources
  • Particle acceleration in binary systems
  • Radiation/absorption and reprocessing (cascading) processes