Probing the Fundamental Nature of Spacetime with the Renormalization Group

Renormalization group methods are a key element of theoretical particle physics and may also be central for constructing a fundamental theory of gravity, e.g., based on Weinberg’s asymptotic safety conjecture. The aim of this program is to bring together theorists and phenomenologists in order to discuss ideas related to the application of the renormalization group in quantum gravity and the consequences of asymptotic safety for cosmology, black holes and a possible ultraviolet completion of the standard model of particle physics including gravity.

This meeting will focus on three broadly defined topics: structural aspects of asymptotic safety, phenomenological implications of asymptotic safety in gravity and particle physics, and relations of asymptotically safe quantum gravity to other approaches to quantum gravity. Each topic will be addressed by several talks outlining the present status of the research program and possibly opening up new perspectives. The schedule will contain ample room for discussion and collaboration.