DECam Community Science Workshop

This workshop will bring together those with experience in obtaining, reducing, and analyzing DECam data—both from the Dark Energy Survey (DES) and the community—with those who would like to use DECam to take their own data or do science with publicly available DES and community images from the NOAO Science Archive.

The meeting will provide an opportunity to showcase early DECam science and serve as a forum to discuss the steps NOAO could take to better support community science programs. Topics will include:

  1. DECam performance and optimum observing strategies
  2. Pipeline reduction and archives – getting the most from the data
  3. DECam science from DES and the community
  4. What can NOAO do to better support community science programs: what are the successes and what are the problems, what could be improved at the telescope and in the community pipeline, what new observing modes should be considered.