The Milky Way and its Stars

Studies of Galactic and stellar structure are entering an era replete with data from large space- and ground-based projects. The combination of large photometric surveys carried out in the last 15 years, extensive photometric-variability databases allowing the inner structure of thousands of stars to be studied, and vast high-resolution spectroscopic surveys probing the detailed chemical composition of hundreds of thousands of stars, hold the promise of a new synthesis of stellar and Galactic astrophysics. These data will in a few years be complemented by precise astrometric measurements from Gaia.

This conference will bring together experts in the fields of stellar astrophysics, Milky Way structure, and stellar populations in the local Universe. Moreover, the conference (and the associated program) will focus on the interplay between the improved physical understanding of stars obtained from future data, studies of the structure of the Milky Way and external galaxies, and inferences about the physical processes shaping the evolution of galactic disks. Our conference will place a heavy emphasis on interaction between sub-disciplines as opposed to a densely packed schedule of contributed talks.