Astronomy at high angular resolution

Recent years have seen a huge development in high-resolution astronomical techniques, which are critical to progress in many different areas of astronomy. These techniques can be divided in direct methods (Adaptive optics, lucky imaging), interferometry (including speckle imaging and spectro-astrometry), and reconstruction methods (astrotomography). This workshop aims at bringing together the different communities working on these fields and increase the synergies between them. It is indeed often necessary to combine all these techniques together in order to have a coherent and comprehensive idea of all the processes at work in a given astronomical environment.

During the workshop, experts in their fields will first introduce the major techniques described above, their use, achievements and limitations. The following sessions will be organised by science topic, with an astrophysical review of the field challenges, observational results through different techniques and technical talks describing the progress on the methods. A link to future developments in terms of instrumentation is also foreseen.