Yale Frontier Fields Workshop

Hubble and Spitzer have observed galaxies over 95% of the way back to the Big Bang, well into the epoch of reionization and close to the dawn of galaxy formation. The most distant galaxy candidates have been discovered using two complementary observational strategies: blank field observations such as CANDELS and the Ultra Deep Field; and galaxy cluster lensing programs such as CLASH. Additional deep observations are required to discover larger samples of distant galaxies and mitigate the cosmic variance of the single UDF. Deep lensing observations can reveal even fainter sources that would otherwise be inaccessible to current telescopes.

This workshop is an opportunity for observers and theorists to discuss their work on Frontier Fields data obtained by Hubble, Spitzer, and other telescopes, and to prepare for the remaining data yet to come. Topics include:

  • High-redshift galaxies
  • Cluster lens modeling (including the special Friday morning session)
  • Galaxy cluster masses and dynamics
  • Intracluster light
  • Supernovae
  • Future science