Third International VLBI Technology Workshop

The Third International VLBI Technology Workshop will be hosted by the Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe and take place from November 10 to 13, 2014, in Groningen, the Netherlands; the venue of the second day will be Dwingeloo, where the headquarters of JIVE and its host insitute ASTRON are located.

The International VLBI Technology Workshops have evolved from the highly successful 10-year series of International e-VLBI workshops. The expanded scope of the technology workshops aims to encompass all areas of hardware or software development relevant to VLBI. In particular, though, development of global e-VLBI still features prominently and with it the close collaboration VLBI has developed over the years with national and international research network providers.

The third workshop in this series will feature two days of “traditional” VLBI topics, such as receivers, digital backends, recording equipment, and e-transport. This will be followed by one day focused on frequency and clock transfers over public networks and current and future data transport challenges. Because the interest in these topics is by no means limited to VLBI, a number of speakers from related fields will also be invited.