Planet Formation and Evolution 2014

The goal of this workshop is to provide a common platform for scientists working in the fields of star- and planet formation, exo-planets, astrobiology, and planetary research in general. Most importantly, this workshop is aimed at stimulating and intensifying the dialogue between researchers using various approaches, observations, theory, and laboratory studies. 

Session Topics

Planet formation in circumstellar disks

  • Circumstellar disks (formation, structure, evolution)
  • Properties and evolution of the gas and dust phase
  • Planet formation
  • Laboratory experiments: Grain growth & The role of Ices
  • Planet-disk interaction
  • Planet population synthesis studies

Planetary systems

  • Solar system
  • Exo-Planets & Planetary systems: Search & Characterization
  • Debris disks
  • Host stars
  • Planetary interior
  • Atmospheres & Bio-Signatures

Poster of the meeting