Transformational Science in the ALMA Era: Multi-Wavelength Studies of Galaxy Evolution

During the Evolution 2014 Workshop four central themes in the field of galaxy evolution will be explored by bringing together current and future studies with ALMA and from across the electromagnetic spectrum from existing (e.g. VLA/GBT/IRAM/CARMA, HST, Spitzer/Herschel, Chandra/NuStar) as well as future facilities (e.g., JWST, MeerKAT/ASKAP/SKA, LSST, EUCLID, TMT/GMT/EELT, CCAT/LMT).

The four themes will be:

    • the mass assembly history of galaxies and formation and evolution of galactic structure
    • the evolution of the interstellar medium and star formation over cosmic time
    • the role of large scale structure and environment
    • the role of AGN in galaxy evolution

Within these broad themes we will identify two to three critical questions in each area that will most benefit from the new data from these facilities. The participants will be invited to specifically address these questions. Our hope is to foster discussion and debate and an active exchange of ideas with the goal of energizing the participants to address the outstanding questions in these areas using multi-wavelength data from all of these facilities.