Gaia data visualization workshop

The key to the full exploitation of Gaia data, even beyond the core Gaia science cases, is to give astronomers the ability to easily manipulate and visualize a unique and gigantic data set of about 1 billion stars. Astronomers are not the first to be confronted with orders of magnitude increase in data volume and much can be learned already from other research areas dealing currently with the big data challenge. The main goal of the workshop is to bring together astronomers, experts in data visualization, and researchers in other fields dealing with the visualization of large data bases and discuss how to tackle some of the challenging issues faced by Gaia data visualization.

Topics to be discussed:

Gaia Science Visualization
Milky Way structure Visualization of large data bases
Stellar astrophysics 3D visualization: interactive and collaborative
Galactic dynamics Volume and flow visualization
Galactic archeology Error visualization
Star formation and evolution Tools and applications exemplified by case studies
3D map of the local ISM The IT data challenge for Gaia