IAU 309: Galaxies in 3D across the Universe

A new epoch with unbiased investigations of intrinsic properties of galaxies and their evolution has just started. High performance technology in 3D-spectroscopy in the optical/NIR regime and in radio interferometry allows for the first time the efficient mapping of stars, gas, and dust, in galaxies near and far. Detailed measurements of individual objects are complemented by surveys aiming at a full census of galaxies across the local Universe. Reaching out to the limits of the Universe, the evolution of spatially resolved properties is traced along the whole cosmic history. Likewise to these observational campaigns, new computer technology and highly advanced algorithms are exploited for detailed simulations to probe the underlying physical and cosmological connection.

In acknowledgement of this new dimension exploring galaxies and to foster new synergies, this IAU symposium 309 aims to bring together the optical and radio communities as well as theoreticians and simulators. A main theme will be to understand the performance of star formation relating its source and fuel to the necessary local physical conditions and processes as well as to the global influence by and its impact on the galaxy and its surroundings. Among the topics to be discussed are:

  • The interplay between the gas and dust content and star formation in galaxies.
  • Spatially resolved properties of gas, dust and stellar populations of galaxies, including their kinematics, distribution and evolution.
  • Optical/NIR integral field spectroscopy and radio interferometry as well as the methods to analyze the growing complexity of the data.