The Unquiet Universe

This meeting will be held in Cefalù (Sicily) and will consist of two main topics, The Distant Universe and The Local Universe.

The Distant Universe | 2-7 June 2014
Investigating the distant Universe with GRBs, AGN and Galaxies

Topics will cover the following items:

  • Stellar, Dust and Gas Content in high-z Galaxies
  • Deep and Wide-field Multi-wavelength Extragalactic Surveys
  • AGN and Galaxy co-evolution across cosmic time
  • Positive/Negative AGN Feedback: Observations of AGN Outflows
  • Physical Processes of Galaxy Formation
  • Ionizing Sources at high redshifts
  • Galactic Nuclei and Super Massive Black Holes
  • Nuclear Star Clusters formation and evolution
  • Resolved Stellar Nuclei in early Type Galaxies
  • Stellar Dynamics in Dense Stellar Environments
  • Probing high redshift universe with GRBs
  • GRBs’ host galaxies

The Local Universe | 9-14 June 2014
Interacting Binaries and Isolated Neutron Stars: accretion, evolution and outcomes

Topics will cover the following items:

  • GRB Prompt and Afterglow: Observations vs theory
  • Very High Energy Emission from GRBs
  • GRBs: Central Engine Physics and Progenitors of GRBs
  • Thermonuclear Supernovae
  • Type Ia SNe: progenitor models
  • Observational properties of type Ia SNe at low and high z
  • Observations constraining Type Ia SNe pre-explosive history
  • Binary and isolated Radio Pulsar
  • Observed properties of Millisecond pulsars and evolutive paths
  • Temporal variability and spectral properties of Low Mass X-ray Binaries and High Mass X-ray Binaries containing black holes and neutron stars
  • Neutron stars with the highest magnetic fields
  • Future X-ray missions and perspectives for X-ray astronomy
  • Gravitational Waves


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