Astronomical Polarimetry 2014

ASTROPOL 2014 is the next of a series of large international conferences held regularly, every 5 years or so. The aim of this series of conferences is to bring together all researchers interested in astronomical polarimetry to discuss the most recent results and advances, technical and scientific. The previous ASTROPOL meetings were held in Baie St-Paul, Quebec, Canada, in 2008 and in Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA, in 2004 and gathered 150+ participants from all over the world. The 2014 meeting will be co-organised by the European COST action “polarisation as a tool to study the solar system and beyond”. See

Since 2008, spectacular astrophysical results using polarimetry were obtained in all fields, from the ground and from space, from the Cosmological Background to nearby exoplanets and Solar System objects. New instruments are also coming on-line with ever improving polarimetric capacities: ALMA, and the high resolution planet finder instruments GPI on Gemini South and SPHERE on the ESO/VLT, to name just a few. This is a very exciting time for polarimetry and ASTROPOL 2014 promises to be just as exciting, rich in new results and technical advances.


– New Instrumentation and Laboratory data
II –  FIR / submm  / RADIO
III –  Laboratory measurements / particle properties / modeling techniques

 Polarisation in the Solar Neighbourhood
IV –  ISM / Molecular Clouds / Star Formation
V –   Circumstellar Matter (disks, envelopes)

– Solar System, Solar and Stellar Magnetic fields
V I-  Solar and Stellar Magnetic Fields
VII –  Solar System and Exoplanets

 External Galaxies, Cosmology, High Energy Astrophysics
VIII –  High energy Objects (GRB, SN)
IX – External Galaxies, AGN’s,  and CMB