99 years of Black Holes: from Astronomy to Quantum Gravity

This meeting shall bring together the Black Hole community (from Quantum to supermassive) as well as the Gravitational Wave Community. The main topics of the conference will cluster around Black Holes, Gravitational Waves and the Future of General Relativity and Quantum Physics.

The goal of the meeting is to bring together experts from these communities, and share with each other the latest developments and open issues in their respective field. With four years of european funded scientific activities of our COST Action “Black Holes in a Violent Universe” we have provided a platform for discussions across the boundaries introduced by Black Hole mass or observing frequency – from the primordial Black Holes to the supermassive Black Holes at the heart of the galaxies, including compact objects of stellar size and the centre of our Galaxy. The last conference shall provide an overview over the current Black Hole and Gravitational Wave science but also an outlook into the exciting prospects for the scientific challenges connected to Black Holes and the related questions for Gravity and Quantum Physics.