Tribes of the deep sky

The distribution of galaxies populating the largest scale structures in the Universe today are visible different than the population in lower density environments.  From massive brightest cluster galaxies existing in the cores of groups and clusters to the increasing number of dwarf galaxies with density, multi-wavelength studies of clusters shed light on how these different populations have formed and currently evolving.   In order to understand the evolution of galaxies in these high density environments, it is critical to construct a coherent picture of the different populations between today and the high redshift Universe.
This conference will focus on comparing multi-wavelength observations of populations in clusters and groups to state of the art theoretical predictions. Topics for the conference will include:
  • Brightest Cluster Galaxies
  • Quiescent Populations
  • Star forming galaxies
  • Active Galactic Nuclei
  • Dwarf galaxies
We hope to explore both the interplay between these different types as well as looking at how these populations evolve from clusters seen today to high redshift proto-clusters.