The Orion Nebula Cluster as a Paradigm of Star Formation

As the nearest young cluster dominated by massive OB stars, the Orion Nebula Cluster plays a paradigmatic role in our understanding of star and planet formation. The wealth of ground-based and HST data collected in recent years is allowing to study with unprecedented detail the products of the star formation process: stellar mass distribution, age spread, multiplicity, activity, cluster’s spatial and kinematic structure, etc. These data provide a fundamental reference for comparison with other regions, as well as a critical benchmark for theoretical models and numerical simulations.

This workshop is an opportunity to discuss what we have learned from Orion so far, focusing on open problems and new directions of observational and theoretical research. Emphasis will be given to the role played by the Orion Nebula Cluster as a paradigm for the early solar environment, as well as for present-day star formation in different environments, including the Galactic center and the Magellanic Clouds.