Multiwavelength AGN Surveys and Studies

AGN surveys are the source for the most interesting objects in the extragalactic Universe: QSOs, Seyfert galaxies, blazars, radio galaxies, LINERs, etc. They are important for understanding the variety of extragalactic sources and their interrelationship, as well as understanding the evolution of the Universe. Recent ground-based and space missions give vast amount of new multiwavelength (MW) data, which are being put together to discover many new AGN. Virtual Observatories (VOs) help in accomplishment of complex research programs using all these data. A combined study of these data also gives the overall picture of the AGN and answers some of the most important questions:

i) understanding the possible evolutionary and/or physical connection between the different classes of AGN, i.e. their consistency with the unification model,

ii) the relation of AGN to their host galaxies,

iii) understanding the true fraction of heavily obscured AGN in order to determine the true AGN luminosity function and its variation with redshift.

The Symposium will provide a good opportunity to elaborate a strategy, based on the acquired experience, to plan future surveys best fitted to fulfill the needs, and to coordinate follow-up observations with the new large ground-based and space telescopes.