LSST@Europe: The Path to Science

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) project is now entering an exciting phase, moving towards the start of federal construction expected in 2014. With first light planned for 2019 and science operations to commence in 2021, it is now timely to consider the scientific opportunities of LSST in the era of major new European facilities, especially wide-field missions such as Gaia, eRosita and Euclid, and flagship ground based facilities such as ESO’s E-ELT.

This first LSST science meeting in Europe will bring together LSST scientists and European scientists involved in, or interested in, taking LSST forward. This will allow for discourse as to current key science, the role of LSST, and the role of European expertise and facilities in partnership with LSST, in driving forward the next astronomical science revolution into the 2020’s. The meeting will provide an opportunity to review the current status of the LSST, and the key science programmes which are underpinning its development. The conference will include presentations identifying current science challenges where a combination of LSST and leading new European facilities and expertise will result in major leaps in understanding. These topics will range from studies of our Solar System and the Milky Way, to the Universe at the largest scales.