Sesto 2013: Tracing Cosmic Evolution with Clusters of Galaxies

Following the Sesto-2001 and Sesto-2007 Conferences, we are organizing a new conference in Sesto Pusteria, in the heart of the Italian Dolomites, dedicated to studies of the evolution and formation of cosmic structures with galaxy clusters, with the title “Sesto 2013 – Tracing Cosmic Evolution with Clusters of Galaxies“.

In recent years, X-ray and radio observations have revealed in ever increasing detail the complexity of the Intra-Cluster Medium, while still leaving unexplained the riddle of cool cores.  A growing number of optical/IR studies of clusters above z~1 and up to z~2 have shed new light on the formation history of cluster galaxies, revamping at the same time the role of galaxy clusters in constraining the nature of dark matter and dark energy.  Searches for and studies of clusters based on the SZ effect now flourish. The systematic use of gravitational lensing with spectacular HST data has enabled the dark matter mass distribution in the inner cores of cluster halos to be explored in detail. Recent numerical simulations, with an increasing level of realism and more sophisticated implementation of relevant physical processes, have led to better understanding of both the achievements and shortcomings of the current modeling of galaxy clusters in the cosmological framework. At a time when a new generation of large volume, multi-wavelength cosmological surveys is unfolding, and CMB observations from Planck are establishing the cosmological scenario of structure formation with unprecedented accuracy, this conference aims to bring together both theoretical and observational astronomers working at different wavelengths to discuss recent results and future prospects in the study of cosmic evolution through galaxy clusters.

The meeting will focus on three main topics:
  1. The matter distribution in clusters from different methods
  2. The cycle of baryons in clusters  and their galaxy populations
  3. Cosmology and large-scale structure of the Universe