IAU Symposium 296: Supernova environmental impacts

IAU Symposium 296: Supernova environmental impacts – Supernovae play a very important role in energizing and enriching the interstellar medium. Supernova remnants are particularly important sites to study shocks and the acceleration of cosmic rays, both of which are important astrophysical processes in the interstellar medium. The symposium will assess the rapid progress, both theoretical and observational, in understanding supernovae and their evolution to supernova remnants.

The themes we hope to cover in this symposium are:

  • Influence of the supernova progenitor on its circumstellar environment
  • Progenitor evolution and its consequences for supernova light curves and spectra
  • Regulation of star formation by supernovae
  • High-energy particle acceleration in shocks
  • Radiation from supernova remnants