Torus Workshop 2012 Workshop 2012 – The nature and origin of the dusty material at the heart of active galaxies – whether it is inflowing, outflowing, its relation to star formation, etc. – has profound implications for our understanding of the evolution and lifecycle of AGN.A sound understanding of local AGN will also allow us to model them with confidence and apply our models to forthcoming observations of objects in the distant Universe. The last few years have seen numerous developments in the field: exquisitely sensitive Spitzer spectra have revealed the infrared properties of large numbers of AGN; mid-infrared interferometry is an increasingly mature technique; and models of increasing sophistication have been developed to explore the observations, to name just a few examples. By gathering the specialists in these and related areas, we can ensure that knowledge is shared, ideas debated, and that we come to the best possible understanding of the dusty structures in AGN.