Progress in physics of the sun and stars: a new era in helio and asteroseismology

“Progress in physics of the sun and stars: a new era in helio and asteroseismology” is an international conference dedicated to discussions of recent progress in helio and asteroseismology with emphases on their impacts on physics of the sun and the stars. The conference is to take place in Hakone, Japan, from the 25th to the 30th of November, 2012. Following the first Oji Seminar on the subject in 1989, the second conference was organized in March 2011, which was another successful event but was held under the inescapable shadow of the 11-March Earthquake that devastated Japan. We are pleased to have the opportunity to follow up that event in November 2012 on the same venue, “The Prince Hakone”, a hotel sitting on the shore of Lake Ashi with a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji. In helio- and asteroseismology, arguably more than in any other branches of astrophysics, interactions between theorists and observers play a crucial role in advancement of the subject. We live in a wonderful new era with space missions such as Solar Dynamics Observatory, MOST, CoRoT, Kepler operating, where observational data of unprecedent quality stimulate both theoretical and observational efforts. The prime purpose of the conference is to bring together researchers who have been actively working in the field of helio and asteroseismology and related fields to share their latest results, to discuss future approaches and to exchange various ideas. How helpful is helio and asteroseismology in investigating the physical processes in the stars? How useful is helio and asteroseismology in unraveling various kinds of unsolved problems in solar and stellar physics? What new physics has emerged from helio and asteroseismology and what can be expected in the future?

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