Axion Cosmophysics

Axion Cosmophysics – Recently, inspired by the string axiverse idea and related work, string axions including QCD axions are gathering attentions as a new cosmophysical window to the fundamental laws of nature, especially to confirm whether superstring theory is really the ultimate theory of nature. The main purpose of this conference is to overview the present status of researches related to axion cosmophysics and to discuss various new ideas on how to realise this new window by using on-going experiments and the next generation experiments.

  • Axiverse, string axions, hidden sector, higher-dimensional theories
  • Axion astrophysics, moduli cosmology, axion experiments, variation of fundamental constants
  • Cosmic background radiations (IR, optical, X, gamma), cosmic jets, cosmic ray acceleration and propagation
  • CMB, gravitational lensing, 21cm cosmology, gravitational wave astronomy

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